The Art of Sustained Effort To Manage Depression

There are many methods we can use to manage depression. The secret to these methods lies in not expecting immediate results from a single use, but in results that come from sustained effort and patience. Writing with the dominant and non-dominant hand, and recording our thoughts, are techniques that work and have long-lasting effects. Here is how I use those techniques on a regular basis.

What Self-Judgment Means And How To Stop It

When we do all we can to manage our depression, what does “without judgment” mean? Is it possible that we are really judging ourselves when our intention has always been to help ourselves? Self-judgment is, in fact, something we do on a daily basis without even realizing it. It is also something we can stop doing when we learn to recognize how it is that we are judging ourselves.

Powerful Inspirational Words That Unlock Our Life

Inspirational words come to us at the least expected moment, from the least expected person. Even if we think we are not ready to hear them, we all have a bright inner light within that is guiding us to open our hearts to the inspiration offered to us. Inspirational words don’t always come when we are looking for them, but they sure always come at the exact moment we need them…

Importance of Focusing on The Now, Not on Yesterday

What does “The Now” really mean to a depressive person and why is it important? The ‘collective now’ might not mean much to a depressive person because their present moment is one of oppressive gloom. It is this present moment that takes precedence. It is also this moment that enables them to understand the message behind the gloom, and be more present and kinder with the self.

Depression and Guilt: You’ll Not Vanquish Me!

Depression and guilt don’t seem to be able to live apart. Where does guilt come from and why is it always present? If you are depressed, do people notice how guilty you feel as well? What pushes a depressive person to feel guilty about everything? Is there any logic to this? Logic or not, guilt is the incessant emotion few talk about, yet all depressives carry within. Here I talk about my guilt, and what I have done with it.