About Adriana Adarve

Welcome to Artisan of Light, a place for wonderful people wanting to follow their inner light to manage depression and find peace and happiness. I’m Adriana Adarve (pronounced Ah-dar-vai), an avid explorer of the luminous path within me. On this blog I share my reflections on my life journey and the experiences that the light within has guided me through.

I have created this blog as a balm for the soul, not only mine, but hopefully yours too. This means that our journey together has just begun! 🙂

Hi, this is Adriana Adarve, your Artisan of Light! I am passionate about helping myself and others. I started looking for a way to manage depression, trauma, sadness and feelings of abandonment. I then thought that if I could get out, others could too. I am here to help them achieve that. I am passionate and very caring of the human being's comfort and well-being. I connect at the emotional level; I am charismatic, loving, patient, compassionate, and very humane. I am here for you. Shall we keep in touch?First, though, let me tell you a little about myself:

I have worn many hats so far: Daughter, sister, traumatized child, angry teenager, lost young adult, chemist, traveler, single mother of two, multilingual translator, entrepreneur, language instructor, math instructor, science instructor…

Most of all, however, I am an introvert who, despite the definition of introversion—and the comfort I find when I avoid too much “ambient” noise and seek silence to better discover myself—appreciates people and the chance of helping them discover and reach their inner light, their guide to inner peace.

I believe we all have the potential to find inner peace and happiness.”

I have been on my journey of conscious self-growth and healing for many years. However, only recently did I decide to write about this fabulous exploration:

  • The different stages of my life journey through trauma and depression.
  • How they have both shaped my life, in the end, for the better.
  • I describe what I have learned and used to transform my self-defeating attitudes into self-building ones.
  • I show how, thanks to my inner light, I have arrived where I am now.

What did I find during this quest? That the absolutely most important person in this world to me is me! Do you find my statement conceited? Well, this is what I discovered: If I am not well within, the people around me, the people I care about, cannot be comfortable and happy around me either.

If what I say resonates with you… If you would like to discover how you can also transform your inner self and life… This blog is just for you!

My goal is to publish new articles two to three times per week. If you feel we are kindred spirits, or if my introduction resonates with you… If you would like to know more about the journey my inner light has guided me through, and how you can do it too, enter your email below, click “Sign Me Up!” and start receiving my articles in your inbox as well.

My Starting Path to Managing Depression…

To answer the question, “How have I learned to transform my previous self-defeating attitudes and find peace and harmony within?” I take a look back at the different paths I have follow throughout my life, and the wonderful people who have accompanied me on my journey and always given me the support I needed and probably never thought I really deserved.

My life is based, first and foremost, on observation of myself. But, I also observe others and their experiences, struggles and successes. Many people have found my life story fascinating and empowering; a lot of them have suggested, others downright asked, that I write it so they can learn from it. Doing that would take the form of a book (in the making). Rather than waiting too long, how about if I start sharing my stories and thoughts with you right here, right now?

By the way, this is how Artisan of Light (Artisane de Lumière) came to be. As you may have noticed, my blog’s name is in French and the English version of that name appears as its tagline. The reason behind this name-play was a heartfelt conversation with my best friend and soul sister, Lucia. It was Lucia who suggested the name for my blog. Lucia is Swiss, and lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which explains her giving me a French name for this blog 🙂

Let’s keep in touch!

I hope this blog helps, inspires, and motivates you to look for your inner light and follow it to a better version of your life journey. If it does, reach out and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. The best way to keep in touch with me is to sign up for free email updates.